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The project area is located on the right and left banks of the Blue Nile, between 100 and 400 km south of Khartoum. The scheme has a gross irrigable area of over 2.5 million acres. The conveyor / feeder canals are approximately 525 and 390 kilometres in length with a discharge of about 400 cumecs and 370 cumecs respectively, in addition to thousands of kilometres of main, major and minor canals with discharges ranging from 120 cumecs down to one cumecs.

The water source is from the Blue Nile, with water stored in and diverted from the Roseires dam. The dam is currently being raised by approximately 10 metres, which will provide an additional 4 billion cubic metres of storage for the scheme use.

To increase scheme water availability two storage reservoirs will be built, one on the right bank at the head of the Roseires command area, and the other on the left bank between the command areas of Kenana I and II. The two reservoirs will have a combined storage volume of approximately 3.5 billion cubic meter.

The project is being implemented by Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) Sudan. Lahmeyer International GmBH (Germany) are the Consultants for the project while AGES Consultants are functioning as Sub-consultants.